I offer communications workshops to UN agencies and other organizations.
I tailor the workshops to your needs—your people, your schedule, and your budget.
All workshops are interactive, and incorporate writing samples from your organization.
All workshops include follow-up coaching by email or phone.
I also offer webinars on these topics, as well as coaching in person or by Skype or phone.



Banish jargon from your writing, and communicate in ways that your readers will quickly grasp! This interactive workshop covers how to be purposeful, clear, concise, and organized in all your writing. We’ll also talk about why we use jargon, why expertise can be a problem, and how to use metaphor. Participants will leave with a set of practices they can start to use right away.



For NGOs, the primary purpose of stories should be to connect, not to inform. But NGOs often produce stories that read like reports with a human face pasted on as an afterthought. In this workshop, we’ll cover how to keep your audience’s attention, write about ‘boring’ topics, and connect personal stories to social problems. We’ll also discuss how to interview people to get good stories.



Competition for grants is tough. In this workshop, I draw on my long experience working with foundations and nonprofits to show you how to research funding opportunities, devise great projects, write winning proposals, measure impact, and nurture relationships with funders. This workshop can be tailored to UN agencies, and, at your request, will cover problem trees and theories of change.



Most speeches are forgettable. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to write more memorable speeches by using theme, structure, rhetoric and stories. Along the way, you’ll also learn tips on how to simplify your statistics, use plain speech, and start and finish strong. This session also covers what information you’ll need to get in order to write speeches for other people.


You know what you’re talking about, but sometimes you don’t know how to talk about it in public. In this workshop, we’ll do exercises to help you improve your speeches and media interviews. We’ll practice using your voice, facial expressions, and body language, and cover how to understand audiences and journalists. This workshop can be paired with the one on speech-writing.


Do you have other training needs? I also offer sessions on such topics as effective op-eds, punchy PowerPoints, and how to use the arts & culture to achieve your organization’s goals. Or if you have a communications need that’s not addressed here, drop me a line and let’s talk.